Bojana – Spring / Summer Collection – The Body The Mind The Soul Ad Campaign

Fashion Campaign

Bojana UgrešIć, young fashion designer and stylist from Novi Sad, chose Montenegro as a location for shooting a campaign for the collection spring/ summer 2018.
The collection was inspired by beauty and femininity.
By using gracious and elegant forms of five types of silk and finest natural fabrics, she interprets the connection between soul, body and mind as elements of trinity,
enveloping all parts of the campaign, as well brand’s values.
For the campaign, we choose amazing models gorgeous Lidija Lesic – top model and influencer from Zagreb (Croatia),
and the winner of the Elite Model Look Inc. (Montenegro for 2018), beautiful and young Marija Miljević.
We were shoot on several locations for couple of days, and we give our body, mind and soul in to creation of this campaign.

Project: Ad Campaign
Fashion Designer: Bojana Ugresic
Brand: Bojana
Production: Inspire-Shoots
Agency: Ellite Model Look
Photographer: Rale Radovic
Creative Director: Bojana Ugresic
Model(s): Lidija Lesic, Marija Miljevic, Bojana Ugrešić
Hair Stylist: Gagi Krizanov
Video: Dušan Stojančević
Special Thanks: Music: Dusan Alagic, Vocals: Sara Tasovic, Assistant: Tomislav Medin
Location(s): Montenegro

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