Skechers Campaign Photoshoot

Ena Jovic

Skechers, the renowned footwear brand, recently unveiled a captivating photoshoot that effortlessly blends fashion and comfort. Hosted at the alluring Zoom Art Cafe in Belgrade, the shoot was led by the creative genius of Jelena Zvekic Petrović from the Smart Agency Serbia.

The talented make-up artist and influencer Ena Jović, showcased Skechers’ commitment to providing stylish and comfortable footwear for the entire family. Ena, accompanied by adorable kids, radiated elegance and charm, epitomizing the brand’s essence. Not only an exceptional model, Ena is first of all one of the most wanted and best make-up artists in our region and beyond. This time on the set, she was not behind the set, but directly in front of the camera, in charge of her beauty and make-up.

Styling played a pivotal role, courtesy of Irena – Sixandspark, who combined other pieces of clothing from the Skechers range to present footwear for all occasions. Her ability to merge chic ensembles with Skechers’ comfortable designs highlighted the brand’s versatility and fashion-forward approach. The talented hair stylists Jelena and Aleksandar Gligorijevski worked their magic in the hair department, creating stunning hairstyles that complemented Skechers’ footwear.

Behind the lens, Rale Radović – the fashion photographer and DP Đorđe Stojiljković expertly captured the collection’s details in stills and cinematic frames. Their collaboration brought the footwear to life, revealing the perfect fusion of style and comfort. Inspire Shoots and Rollercoaster with Nemanja Grujic as Assistant executed the shoot’s seamless production. Setting the stage for this stylish spectacle is none other than the enchanting Zoom Art Cafe, nestled in the heart of Belgrade. The cafe’s charismatic ambiance added charm to the photoshoot, elevating the campaign to extraordinary heights.

Project: Fashion Editorial
Brand: Skechers
Production: Inspire Shoots
Agency: Smart Agency Serbia
Location(s): Harpers Bazaar
Photographer: Rale Radovic
Creative Director: Jelena Zvekic Petrović
Stylist: Irena Sixandspark
Model(s): Ena Jovic
Hair Stylist: Jelena / Aleksandar Gligorijevski
Assistant: Nemanja Grujić
Video: Đorđe Stojiljković
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