Suit Up

Fashion Campaign

A new fashion campaign for a Brand Suitup was took the place in Petrovardin’s old city. The creative director was Jovana Đokić who put and organize this photoshoot to present the Brand that has a sense of classy, modern, and urban man style with great tailored craftsmanship. Photography was done by Rale Radovic and cinema by Viktor Cobanovic. Models for this campaign was Slavko Moljac and Maja Marčić. And part of the team was also The makeup artist Nikolina Djukić and City hair studio. Special thanks to Manual Co. for accessories and a great team from Suit up Company.

Project: Fashion Campaign
Brand: Suit Up
Production: Inspire Shoots
Photographer: Rale Radovic
Creative Director: Jovana Đokić
Stylist: Jovana Đokić
Model(s): Slavko Moljac, Maja Marcic
Make-up Artist: Nikolina Đukić
Hair Stylist: City Hair
Special Thanks: Manual Co. Suit up Team, Studio Vav
Video: Viktor Čobanović
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