TIB STIL F/W 20-21

Fashion Campaign

This campaign was placed in the Studio VAV and Kafemat in Novi Sad. We gather a team of artists, who worked so hard to provide these amazing results for the popular Serbian clothing brand TIB STIL.
Their motto is that every lady should fell unique and sophisticated, and also to be confident. Their fall 20/21 collection is for sophisticated girls and women. The collection was inspired by classy notes and vary autumn color palette, from powder rose, beige, dark-red, dark Parisian blue, gray, black, with lots of details and prints in fabrics.
The clothing designer was Jovana Đokić who put this collection together and also style it with accessories and shoes from Deichmann Adria. The hairstyle was done by Salon City Hair and makeup was done by Maria Tothova.

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Project: Fashion Campaign
Brand: Tib Stil
Fashion Designer: Jovana Đokić
Production: Inspire Shoots
Photographer: Rale Radović
Creative Director: Jovana Đokić
Stylist: Jovana Đokić
Model(s): Aleksandra Stojković, Bojana Bojanić
Make-up Artist: Maria Tothova
Hair Stylist: City Hair
Special Thanks: Deichmann Adria, Kafemat NS
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