Us Polo Assn.

Photoshoot SS23

US Polo Assn. unveils its captivating Spring Summer Collection 23 through an inspiring photo shoot led by creative director Katarina Sijacic from Why Marketing Solution Agency and Rale Radovic Fashion Photographer. The set was done in studio Vav with models Maca Djukic – her kids, and Jovica Suljagic from a Fox modeling agency. The campaign exudes timeless sophistication. Mina Colic makeup artist enhances the models’ natural beauty. Guided by visionary executive producers from Why Marketing Solution Agency the Spring collection blends timeless elegance and modern chic, inspiring wardrobes worldwide. Embrace US Polo Assn.’s captivating style this season. 🌸

Project: Fashion Campaign Photoshoot
Brand: US Polo Assn.
Production: Inspire Shoots
Agency: W H Y ¿ – Creative Agency
Photographer: Rale Radovic
Creative Director: Katarina Sijacic
Stylist: Lara Buncic
Model(s): Maca Djukic (and Hir Adorable childerens), Jovica S (from Fox Model Mng.)
Make-up Artist: Mina Colic
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