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Celine + Milos / Wedding Photography in Belgrade

Love Story

We are always enjoy when we have couples who have a great sense of style for fashion and details, cause we know that our wedding photos will be more than stunning.
We met Celine & Milos from Geneva to get to know each other better and discuss about their wedding. A year after planing and organising, we are finally at the address where they are getting ready, to take care and capture every moments of their special day. So we don’t wanna write to long post, and we just wanna say, that they are really nice and generous people and we have amazing time… Dear Celine & Milos, we wish you all the best of luck and love on your journey, and thanks one more time for choosing and put your trust in us to save you amazing memories. See you on our next wedding, cause some of the girls was catching the flowers 😉

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