- Meet the Team -
We have gathered in order to create something beautiful, big and purposeful. We brainstorm, work hard, and have a lot of fun on the sets. There is no such thing as too much coffee! We love to travel, searching for new inspiration and work from all around the world.

Rale Radović

Ceo & Head Photographer

Bojana Ugrešić

Stylist & Designer

Istok Radovanov

Creative Director & Bts Video

Ena Jović

Make-up Artist

Dražen Žigić

Photographers Assistant

Jelena Marković

Chance Model Mng.

Love and passion is my motive that keeps me going and guiding trough life. I love art, fashion, design, architecture, music, movies, but before all of that i love my job, that gives me the opportunity to be creative and to have a purpose. As someone who finished art school – fashion and textile design, i’m always inspired with simple forms, minimalism, lights, colors, and beauty in general. Thanks to my job, I travel all the time and spending time with incredible people and i create images from high fashion projects to the great wedding love stories.


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About Me

Things that I emphasise and think I’m really good in, is my sense for people. I know that everyone have a different energy, and i can translate that in to my photographs. I know the moment that i just need to silently taking shots and catching moments, and when i can make a difference, that means a lot in the visual and aesthetic way with my suggestions. Also i believe that i can get close to perfection and get the best possible results’ trough hard work and dedication, because i constantly learn and improve myself and i’ll always be better now, than I were yesterday.

Hello, I’m Bojana, fashion designer and stylist from Serbia. My journey began 10 years ago, when driven by inner sense I started exploring concepts of style, beauty, and design. I became interested in fashion culture while I was at college studying Marketing and Brand management, and then, afterwards, during the writing of my final project, which was about fashion as a mass culture and creation of a fashion brand on a global market.


Inspired by universe, light and spirituality, fashion design comes as a way of expressing woman beauty as a wonder trinity of body, mind and soul.
Beauty of my woman is defined through clean form, details and colors. Love BU


About Me

Working as a costume designer and stylist for almost 10 years now, I was given the opportunity to carry out my ideas on many projects within creative industry, collaborating with great people from Visual Infinity (Serbia), Ater studio (Croatia), Artikulacija (Montenegro), Artvark (Serbia) and many more.

Collaborations with production and fashion houses, inspired me to explore more about the art of fashion and its practice, since I sense it as the most essential way to express myself while interpreting a subjective elegant style.

In 2015, I decided to launch my own business as a fashion entrepreneur and begin a creative independence with all received experience that shaped my vision of beauty and style in the concept of fashion design. Inspired by the universe, light and the spirit of love, I step in to create my divine world of beauty

Hello, I’m Istok Radovanov, entrepreneur and creative guy from Novi Sad, Serbia. After finishing Law college, i decided to hang my diploma on the wall and get involve in fashion industry and explore my creativity. As a owner of two brands Pray and East i learned how to flip idea to something real. Through that process i focused on the creative side of business, commercials, campaigns and networking.

In the last couple of years i am traveling around the world, connecting with new people, new ideas and exploring different opportunities. 


“Life is one, be creative. “


About Me
Working as a creative director i was involved in many different projects and learned how to operate in the different industries. From fashion through technology to heavy industry. I was working for one of the biggest companies in China, ZTE Nubia, for one of the most selling headphones companies on Amazon, Avantree. 5 years as creative director and CEO of Pray, eyewear brand from Serbia. Last year i started Media agency and one more fashion brand in Hong Kong. I love to do aa many different things that is possible because it helps me to grow and expand my creativity.

Hello I’m Ena Jović, very experienced, creative and passionate Make Up artist from Belgrade, Serbia.
Owner of “SMINKERNICA” – one of the few MAKE UP Studios in the center of Belgrade.

About Me

I was start doing makeup even against my parents will because i was excellent student. I danced Ballet and I always put myself makeup before the play. At my high school days i was doing modeling, and i was always impressed and motivated to try to do makeup professionally. My first big project was TV Show Serbia’s Next Top Model. I was also worked on a movie with Selma Hayek and for many prestigious magazines, fashion campaigns, music videos and fashion weeks.


Makeup has no rule ! There is no woman whose red carmine does not stand well. It’s a matter of attitude, not a form of lips.


I’m Dražen Žigić (29), and I live in Novi Sad (Serbia), where I graduated college with a concentration in Media management.

I’ve been working as a photographer for 5 years now, and I believe that my job is one the best jobs in the world because of the dynamics and excitement each event brings.
I’m inspired by different people, cultures, destinations, architecture, music, lights … My style of photography is a mix of artistic and journalistic.
Real emotions and unrepeatability of moments is what makes my work unique and distinctive.

7 Things on My Bucket List:

01. Visit L.A.
02. Write a moviescript
03. Meet Guy Richie
04. Learn how to fly a helicopter
05. Visit a “Burning Man” festival
06. Get my own family one day
07. Have my own farm one day

8 Facts About Me:

01. I love Life
02. I don’t eat meat or drink milk
03. I run 5 days a week
04. I can’t imagine my day without coffee
05. I like to drive my car at night and listen to my fav playlist
06. My fav color is Olive Green
07. My fav movie is La Vita è Bella
08. I love extreme sports

My name is Jelena Markovic, former model and Miss Serbia 2009. 

After 10 years of experience in the fashion industry, and graduation in University of Law in Belgrade, Serbia, as my second call, I decided to use my knowledge and experience to help new models to grow. I have established Chance Model Management,  international mother agency based in Belgrade, Serbia, skilled in model placement, and more important, preparing models to make the step in front of the camera.   We can say, without any modesty, that it is rare to meet team who is supporting and teaching their models the way we do. We are building them to become not just a great models, but a great individuals, with who will be pleasure and honor working with.

About Me

The thing that distinguish Chance Model Mgmt from the other competitors:


Chance Model Management is managing famous multitalents, actors and influencers –  one of the “top-trendy”  ways  to promote your brand, name or idea.


Take the CHANCE with us! Love JELENA