Celine + Milos / Wedding Photography in Belgrade

We are always enjoy when we have couples who have a great sense of style, cause we know that our pix will be more than stunning.
We met Celine & Milos from Geneva and we have the opportunity to get to know each other and discuss about their wedding. A year after planing and organising, we are finally at the address where they are getting ready, to take care and capture every moments of their special day. So we don’t wanna write to long post, and we just wanna say, that they are really nice and generous people and we have amazing time… Dear Celine & Milos, we wish you all the best of luck and love on your journey, and thanks one more time for choosing and put your trust in us to save you amazing memories. See you on our next wedding, cause some of the girls was catching the flowers 😉

Tamara + Sergij / Wedding photography in Porec (Croatia)

When Tamara (the Bride) give us a call for her and Sergijs (The Groom) special day, we were so exited because we love to travel, especially when we had a destination wedding by the sea. When we arrived in Poreč, we finally meat in person with our lovely couple. They have incredible energy and they are really kind and fun young people, so we had amazing time and we fall in love with them instantly. After we took some getting ready shots, we were on the shore of Adriatic Sea in Poreč and have some fun with bride, groom and they best friends taking some cool shoots. After a short session, we were on the road to amazing place STANCIJA SPIN – were you can taste wine, cheese, olive, and some specialties from the local cuisine. After all the guests arrived and have some toast from best man, it was time for a church ceremony in st. Marija church in Kras. After the beautiful ceremony, the party was took the place at the golf Adriatic resort and it was amazing. Party was phenomenal, everyone’s had a great time because they rock the place, and we had a chance to capture some really cool shots. Thx guys one more time for choosing us and we wish you all the best of luck and love on your journey.

Victoria + Dejan / Wedding photography in Novi Sad (Serbia)

This story is about beautiful couple Vitoria from Kiew and Dejan from Novi Sad who’s been together for a few years, and had a beautiful wedding in Novi Sad. After the ceremony in the home office, the intimate party was took the place in amazing rustic house Bo-Inside, near Novi Sad. Bride dress was signed by great fashion designer Marija Sabic. The party music, place, and the people was so cool and amazing. A small crowd was rocking the party till the late at night.  After the wedding we were in the local park with their little Maltese, having fun, chill and took some cool shots for a years to come.
Guys congrats one more time, and thanks for everything. Keep rocking, traveling and love … and always remember this amazing day.

Diane + Ugljesa / Wedding photography in Belgrade (Serbia)

Diane from Miami and Ugljesa from Belgrade was organize a wonderful wedding in Belgrade. Church ceremony was in Surcin small orthodox church, and party was took place in Top Of The Hub, Usce Business Center at the 26 flour, with the most beautiful view in the town. This time we didn’t have a chance to shoot a session with bride and groom, because Diane legs was hurt, so we did just a little snaps in front of the Top of the Hub, but we manage to provide some great shot’s and have a little fun, before the real party started. Check how it was on their most beautiful day in the post below 🙂

Max + Mojca / Wedding photography in Novi Sad (Serbia)

Every-now and again you come across two people, who are so impossibly lovely, that being tasked with documenting their day feels anything other than work. This time came from London Max (the groom) and Mojca (the bride) and organise a beautiful Wedding in Irig.
We kicked off the day at Kovacevic Wine House, where I caught up with the bride and groom who were diligently finalising the finishing touches to the preparations and getting ready for a big day. For Bride beautiful appearance, was in charge makeup and hair HOUSE OF DEMIAN, and her beautiful Wedding Gown was signed by most amazing couture designer Vera Wang. We capture some shoots of getting ready and a little portrait session in the beautiful garden, and we jumped in the cars and made the short ride to the forest near Hopovo church and make some cool shoots. After the session we were back to beautiful wedding ceremony at the Courtyard of the wine house Kovacevic were the lovely couple get married. After the beautiful wedding ceremony, party was started and we make some cool party shots.

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Jasmina + Aleksandar / Wedding photography in Bijeljina (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Beautiful Jasmina and Aleksandar was having amazing Wedding in Bijeljina. We had no opportunity to get to know each other before the big day, because their live and work in Swiss. They book us online, send us a schedule, and we were on the road for Biljina. Naturally we always bring positive energy (cafe is the key ;), and we clicked instantly. Everything was great with the timing, we finish preparation images and details and we were on the road to church for a big ceremony. After the church wedding, it was raining (it’s the blessing – people say), but the bride was sad because she’s planning little photo-shoot outdoor. We try improved her mood, cause we arrange shoot for other day outdoor, and we took some cool shoots in the hotel instead. She got a lot of kisses from her husband, so she was happy again, and ready for party 🙂 When the weather was better, 2-3 days after the wedding day, we did post wedding editorial in Novi Sad, in local park and Petrovaradin fortress. They were like pro in the beginning of shooting, so after a while they were their own, and we love it 🙂

Lisa + Marko / Wedding photography in Karlovci (Serbia)

This time from Norway was come to Serbia Lisa and Mark and they organise amazing wedding party for they family and friends and church ceremony in Orthodox church in Sremski Karlovci near Novi Sad. Bride was getting ready in Premier President Hotel, and Marko in Hotel Donau, where the party was also took the place on the beautiful balcony. Every guest was had a ring ball on the table, so if they wanna se lovely couple kissing, they need to ring the bell. Can you imagine how many times they kiss, cause they got more than 160 guests. After the cake , bride and groom was change their assemble in to national costumes, and they rock the place till the late at night. Everyone was having amazing time, and we wish them all the best of luck In the world. Congrats one more time and cheers.

Miona + Damljan / Wedding Photography in Belgrade

Beautiful wedding in Metropol Hotel Belgrade was organised amazing and lovely couple Miona & Damljan. Miona was wearing stunning dress signed by Predrag Djuknic, and she looks really amazing. After we took getting ready shoots in amazing president apartment, they got civil wedding in ball room. Everyone was amazed how lovely they were. After that we was at Kalemegdran fortress to shoot some editorial pictures and here they are. Enjoy.

Biljana & Joan / Wedding photography in Karlovci (Serbia)

Beautiful wedding was organised by lovely couple Biljana and Joan in the great orthodox church and in the hotel Danube in Karlovci. Biljana and Joan live and work in Barcelona, and this event was more than emotional because Biljana recently lost her father.
Preparation was started at the Salon Gavrilov, and after that at Biljana’s family house in Kamenica. Each corner of the house had a personal seal and some significance, whether it was souvenirs from travels, pictures, and other details, which always bring back memories.
Joan was getting ready for a big moment at the Vojvodina Hotel in the center of Novi Sad. After his preparation, all the guests was gathered for the church wedding in Karlovci and the wedding was amazing. After the church wedding , a civil wedding was took a place on the beautiful open terrace of the Danube Hotel.
Everyone was emotional and Biljana was also crying during the civil wedding, and someone from the crowd of guests, was loudly “insist” on “THE SPANISH KISS”, and that was put back a smile on everyone faces. A couple of days after the wedding, we took photographs at the Petrovaradin Fortress so we had a great time and we recorded some great moments …

Ivana & Bojan / Wedding photography in Subotica (Serbia)

This Photo-story is about the love of two young, successful and creative people and they amazing wedding day. After many years of long distance relationship Serbia-Germany, they managed to organised this great celebration of love. Near Subotica at the ranch, “Djordjevic”, they prepare a party to remember for their family and friends  …  I was have the opportunity to meet Ivana and Bojan, at the wedding that I photographed earlier for bride friends from college. For me it’s always pleasure and blessing to work with creative people like them. Bojan is engaged in creative work and Ivana is the designer for jewellery & details from filtz and the owner of the brand Mustrica that you can check in the link below the photos. Following her work on social media I was so excited. I was expecting that this wedding will be a creative, colourful and like a fairy tale. Ivana has designed all the details and decoration and of course exceeded all my expectations. Completely insane! (in the most positive way). Everything was perfect, outfits, bouquet, decorations, sweet table, ceremony in the rose garden, scenography, and a great band who later made a great atmosphere.We had great time in the photo-session on Fruska Gora – national park few days after the wedding, and the Groom survived session – (All For Love) – 😉 … For the end the session Ivana wore a dress from her mother in which she got married 🙂 How cool they agree? … IV & BO,  you’ve got a beautiful wishes from all family and friends, and I wish you to always be happy as you were on your special day. … xo. xo. – Until we meet again on another wedding or in the city  i send you best wishes, lots of love and hugs 🙂 PS: For all of my future bride’s if you need a decoration for your party … you know who to call 🙂  This Bride Rocks !!!!Ivana & Bojan

Jovana & Miloš / Wedding photograhy in Novi Sad (Serbia)

One more great wedding in Novi Sad, and one more great couple Jovana & Miloš from Vienna chose me to save their memories. For the wedding day bridal’s makeup was done by Bojana Ugresic at the bride parent’s home. I shoot some great details and after that some Serbian Orthodox traditions. Then we went to church, and later on Ribarac, the place where the party started. 🙂  The day after the wedding we took some cool shoots in Futoski park with the couple and their little baby. After that we went to Petrovaradin fortress and capture some amazing shoots at the evening … I hope you like their story 🙂

thanks for watching and following…

Jelena & Cristian / Wedding photoraphy in Belgrade (Serbia)

Great couple from London organised, beautiful wedding in Belgrade. Jelena & Cristian got civil married in London, and they have a church ceremony in Ruzica at Kalemegdan, and party at place Sonata Open Concept. The makeup was done by great makeup artist Ena Jovic. The day after the wedding we have a photo session at Kalemegdan and have a great time. Special thanks to my second shooter Drazen Zigic… for lighting and assistance and guys, thanks for choosing me to capture your best memories and be your wedding photographer for this amazing event.

Dragica & Vartolomej / Wedding photography in Brcko (Bosnia And Herzegovina)

In September, we got the opportunity to travel to Bosnia to capture memories for Dragica and Vartolomej wedding at wedding salon Dvor. As the groom were getting ready at Hotel Jelena, the bride prepared at apartment at Dvor. The ceremony was held on the church in Bijeljina, and we were shooting editorial in Novi Sad at The Petrovaradin Fortress.

Jovana & Miodrag / Wedding in Nis (Serbia)

Young and a gorgeous couple, Jovana and Miodrag was having a wonderful wedding and crowning of their love in Niš. It was my first time that i was shooting in Niš, and it was great experience. It was not typical Orthodox wedding of tree day… but wary stylish and modern. Jovana is a Model, and Miodrag play the small football in the national team. They were in love for years and this is the day…

Sanja & Miljan / Wedding photography in Belgrade (Serbia)

Sanja – the Bride is an architect and Miljan the groom, is a businessman. They were college sweethearts and after a long relationship they decide to get married. For the bride beautiful appearance were responsible fashion designers, Marija Sabic for the wedding dress and Darko Kostic, for the second dress. Aleksandra Starcevic was makeup artist. They had a lovely wedding at Metropol Palace in Belgrade and for the great atmosphere was in charge famous Serbian singer Rada Manojlovic. After the wedding day, we agree to go to Avala, and i was so excited that i can’t describe you.  The view was breathtaking. Than we were to Branko’s bridge and the rain start to fall dawn. At the first moment we didn’t mind but in the end we were wet :). I love those images and i hope you guys love them to. Until the next post 🙂 enjoy XoXo

Marina & Günther / Wedding photography in Belgrade (Serbia)

Cool couple from Germany organised, beautiful wedding in Belgrade. They have a church ceremony in Ruzica at Kalemegdan, and party at place Gabbiano Yachting Club. The makeup was done by great makeup artist Srđan Đikić… The couple day before the wedding we was shooting in Petrovardin fortress, and create some cool shots…

Natalija & Dragan / Wedding photography in Vienna (Austria)

A ceremony surrounded by gorgeous peace of art at the Museum in Mödling, in Vienna (Austria), with the ones they hold hands and promise their love to eternity. The moments to die for! Natalija & Dragan were smiles ALL day and it not could been more…romantic and beautiful. After the wedding day, we were at Schoenbrunn park, capturing some magic moments. I love them, and wish them all the luck and happiness in the world.

Tijana + Mark / Wedding photography in Novi Sad (Serbia)

This is my fav article, because my dear friend Tijana’s got married. You all know Tijana by her beautiful voice and songs, and also form covers on youtube and excellent live gigs. I met her a few years ago – i had run into some clips on youtube, and i figured out it was a girl from Novi Sad, which have the greatest voice in Serbia. Since I was impressed with her voice, I sent her a message through fecebook, and she invited me to a gig on Danube park, and we started to hang out and we become friends. 🙂 …And so a few years later, Tijana fell in love, with a guy from Boston (USA ) who is also a great singer 🙂 …i must admit you one thing, if you love Tijana, you will definitely love Mark… They were married in Boston and after that, they organised a wedding in Serbia for Tijana’s family and friends. Wedding ceremony was in Karlovci, in the beautiful Orthodox Church and the party was in Skipper Yachting CLUB in Novi Sad, in Boston where they live, they create great gigs for other people’s celebrations and events, so on their own wedding the party was phenomenal, because of their friends who are mostly musicians 🙂 The day after the wedding, we photographed editorial shoots and recorded two new video clips that you can check at the end of the post … 🙂 I hope you enjoy these photos and music … And for my dear T&M, I want you to make global careers and to love each other until the end of time … and of course everything else in between …
PS: I can’t wait for you to come back to Serbia 🙂 so much I wanted to say and write and probably half that I forgot … Love You… and i hope i create you guys great memories for your special lovely day … XO.XO

Dunja & Nenad / Wedding photography in Novi Sad (Serbia)

Beautiful couple who lives in USA organised beautiful wedding near Novi Sad, at place Vidikovac in Ledinici. We have many raining days before wedding, but the sun was shining and we have a great weather on a wedding day, so we manage to shoot some great memories in Kopovo with a beautiful view on a Fruska Gora. After that the celebration toke a place in Vidikovac and party was really great. Guys i wish you a both to always shine such as on this great day.

Sanja & Zoran / Wedding photography in Subotica (Serbia)

Beautiful bride – Sanja and great guy Zoran – the groom, were married in a beautiful city hall, and made the party at the Gallery hotel in Subotica. Relaxed peoples, a lot of familiar faces and lots of love… Few days after the wedding, we was having fun and great time…

Tamara & Dušan / Wedding photography in Novi Sad (Serbia)

One more great wedding in Ledinci at Vidikovac, near Novi Sad… This time Tamara & Dusan took the spotlight at their beautiful wedding. Tamara was stunning and for her appearance was encouraged makeup artist Zorica Maric, and salon Bella for her gorgeous wedding dress… I know them for previous wedding that I did for Ivana & Bojan earlier this year and also from 2-3 wedding before. So we have a great time and connections 🙂 They in love for a couple of years and Dusan the groom was asking me on Ivana & Bojan wedding if I’m available to shoot their wedding too.
Guys, thanks so much for booking me to save these great shots of your love story, and hope to see you on a next wedding 🙂

Dragana & Goran / Wedding Photgoraphy in Smederevo

I always like to visit and explore a new places. This time we were in Smederevo at the wedding of Dragana & Goran, lovely couple who lives and works in Switzerland. They come back to make the traditional Orthodox wedding and party for their friends and family. Bridal preparations were in apartments Stasea, and the party was in Danube Hotel. Thanks for choosing me to capture your wedding memories.

Miroslava & Dušan / Wedding photography in Belgrade (Serbia)

Some couples are so easy to work with. They natural and positive 🙂 For these two kitten’s I did not need much effort for shooting. We have such a great time 🙂 I must admit that i feel in love with them on a first sight. Miroslava (the bride) was so relaxed and so spontaneous and each photo was a natural 🙂 For her stunning appearance was in charge great makeup artist Dragana Vurdelja, and for hair Great Djuka … The Wedding dress was from Bella wedding gown salon, and the dress from editorial shots is by great designer Mihano Momosa … In this dress she looks so stunning. On the wedding day we took some images at the Caramel hotel, and Botanical garden, and for editorial  session we went on Petrovardin fortress. I hope you guys like the image, like i love them.

Aleksandra & Elvis / Wedding photography in Munich (Germany)

Aleksandra and Elvis invited us to come to Munchen, a metropolitan city with Bavarian hospitality. They got a great wedding celebration and ceremony with a classical notes. We were shooting a day before wedding at some cool location and they had great energy that you can feel through my images. Thanks so much for this amazing experience.

Tamara & Marko / Wedding photography in Belgrade (Serbia)

This post I dedicate the beautiful couple Tamara and Marko. For the bride’s beautiful appearance were in charge great makeup artist Irena Karajlajic and dress salon Bella 🙂
After a short preparation with best friend’s in their apartment, we went to church Sv. Mark where the bride and groom promise to eternal love.
The civil wedding was in a restaurant Top Of The Hub, which provides breath taking view of the city. The atmosphere was phenomenal and everyone was on their feet 🙂
A few days after the wedding we did a series of photographs on Avala,
Until the next post i hope you’ll  enjoy the photographs. Thanks for watching.
PS: Tamara and Marko … thank you for choosing me to be part of your wonderful wedding and i wish you that your life together be filled with unforgettable moments and endless tenderness! Congratulations!. XO XO your Rale Radovic

Ivana & Boris / Wedding photography in Belgrade (Serbia)

I can not hide my pleasure and honor to have been chosen by the brilliant Boris Malagurski (movie producer) and his fiancée Ivana, to keep their memorable moments. Ivana wore a gorgeous white dress, and beautiful detail in the hair and a bouquet of flowers gave a special touch… Makeup artist is great Aleksandra Starčević, that highlighted Ivanas bright eyes with brown shady tones.After a short preparation we Photographed in their apartment with their cute dog … we went through the street Knez Mihailova to the Kalemegdan fortress, in to the place where they first kissed ever …  After a shooting time, the newlyweds headed by boat from Frida to Gabbiano where the party took place. Great decorations of “Ivana’s” flowers, and fragrant lilacs with other natural and river details are complete space. Ivana was definitely one of the happiest and coolest brides  and Boris was at one point singing a song in front of the guests who have long applauded. Party continued late into the night, on the Beautiful Blue Danube.

Tijana & Danijel / Wedding photography in Becej (Seria)

Wedding in Fantast castle near Bečej was hosted Tijana & Danijel. They have a vary spontaneous and emotional ceremony in the courtyard of the castle, and after that timeless celebration 🙂 Makeup was done by Bojana Ugresic. It was one of the most organic and beautiful wedding of this season.

Marija & Marjan / Wedding photography in Novi Sad (Serbia)

The story of two passengers who were crowned their love with marriage in Novi Sad. For Marija Gorgeous looks, was in charge of studio Baleza from Novi Sad, were we took some cool shots of getting ready, and they had a great party at Hotel Dunav, in Sremski Karlovci. I’m telling you, it was a party to remember ! A few days after the wedding, we capture some cool shots at Petrovaradin fortress.

Marta & Aleksadar / Wedding photography in Novi Becej (Serbia)

Lovely couple from London make a wedding in Novi Bečej.
Marta (The Bride) gives some cool advice to future brides that you can read at the end of the article. I meet them at the wedding day. Before that we have some skype meeting and discuss about the details. So I was excited to meet them, and they are so cool. After the wedding, they come back to Serbia and we meet, again at the caffe, so they pick up their wedding book and i was love their faces when they watching at 🙂

Silvija & Marko / Wedding photography in Bor Lake (Serbia)

Great couple from Vienna make a wonderful wedding at Bor Lake. It was a wonderful Serbian wedding with all the traditional customs. Silvija the bride, was wearing the beautiful dress made by fashion designer Marija Šabić, and for her stunning look , was in charge great fashion makeup artist Danijela Varda and Hair Dresser Kristina Loh.

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