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Dara + Vedran – Photography of The Wedding in Novi Sad (Serbia)

Love Storie

Amazing couple from Denver USA was organised beautiful wedding in Novi Sad / Serbia.
They married in orthodox church in Petrovaradin. D&V book me over my website, and i meet them in front of the church were the wedding ceremony was happen. I instantly fall in love with them, cause they were so cool and nice and we clicked right away. The ceremony was stunning, filled with tears, laughter and everyone was so emotional. Right after the wedding in front of the church door, they release the white dove’s that represent the symbol of peace and love. After that, on the road to restaurant “Terasa” in the top of the fortress,  we do some couple shoots.  In other words this was one of the easiest wedding that i ever photographed. The lovebirds was so natural, spontaneous, and i love so much the facts that they didn’t expect from me to make them pose. But i had a few suggestions and above all  we capture some cool shoots and have fun :).

After the wedding, they returned to America where they continued to live their fairy tale. I can only wish D&V more love and happiness as they begin this beautiful love story together.

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