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Lisa + Marko / Wedding photography in Karlovci (Serbia)

Love Storie

This time from Norway was come to Serbia Lisa and Mark and they organise amazing wedding party for they family and friends and church ceremony in Orthodox church in Sremski Karlovci near Novi Sad. Bride was getting ready in Premier President Hotel, and Marko in Hotel Donau, where the party was also took the place on the beautiful balcony. Every guest was had a ring ball on the table, so if they wanna se lovely couple kissing, they need to ring the bell. Can you imagine how many times they kiss, cause they got more than 160 guests. After the cake , bride and groom was change their assemble in to national costumes, and they rock the place till the late at night. Everyone was having amazing time, and we wish them all the best of luck In the world. Congrats one more time and cheers.

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