Miroslava & Dušan / Wedding photography in Belgrade (Serbia)

Love Storie

Some couples are so easy to work with. They natural and positive 🙂 For these two kitten’s I did not need much effort for shooting. We have such a great time 🙂 I must admit that i feel in love with them on a first sight. Miroslava (the bride) was so relaxed and so spontaneous and each photo was a natural 🙂 For her stunning appearance was in charge great makeup artist Dragana Vurdelja, and for hair Great Djuka … The Wedding dress was from Bella wedding gown salon, and the dress from editorial shots is by great designer Mihano Momosa … In this dress she looks so stunning. On the wedding day we took some images at the Caramel hotel, and Botanical garden, and for editorial  session we went on Petrovardin fortress. I hope you guys like the image, like i love them.

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