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Sanja & Miljan / Wedding photography in Belgrade (Serbia)

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Sanja – the Bride is an architect and Miljan the groom, is a businessman. They were college sweethearts and after a long relationship they decide to get married. For the bride beautiful appearance were responsible fashion designers, Marija Sabic for the wedding dress and Darko Kostic, for the second dress. Aleksandra Starcevic was makeup artist. They had a lovely wedding at Metropol Palace in Belgrade and for the great atmosphere was in charge famous Serbian singer Rada Manojlovic. After the wedding day, we agree to go to Avala, and i was so excited that i can’t describe you.  The view was breathtaking. Than we were to Branko’s bridge and the rain start to fall dawn. At the first moment we didn’t mind but in the end we were wet :). I love those images and i hope you guys love them to. Until the next post 🙂 enjoy XoXo

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